Tumblast machine


A tumblast machine is a type of shot blasting machine used for surface cleaning and preparation. It utilizes a rotating drum to tumble and throw abrasive media onto the workpieces. As a leading Tumblast machine manufacturer in India, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality machines and excellent service.

tumblast machine

Tumblast Machines Manufacturer And Supplier


  • Aesthetic Finishing of Aluminum & Zinc Alloy die casting.
  • Adorning surfaces.
  • De-sanding.
  • De-scaling.
  • De-coring.
  • Plastic de-flashing.
  • Peening for small springs, fasteners, chain links etc.
  • Light de-burring
  • Edge rounding
  • Cleaning
  • Heat treatment scale removal
  • Rust removal.

Special Features

Tumblast machines are sturdy, rugged and proven across a wide variety of working conditions. They have been designed to carry out the multifarious jobs of cleaning and peening in a faster time and of a better quality than all other makes of the machine. The latest design of the blast wheel is incorporated, in order, also to keep the maintenance costs significantly low. The rubber conveyor belt is rugged and given long life. Hence the machine is most economical in operation.

Dust collector options are available, i.e. Fabric, Cartridge type, as per your choice. The machine is available with various additional optional features like an auto-mechanical loader, Program-logic Control system, Time Control, and Electronic Brake system for the blast wheel of your choice.

Particulars ATB 20″X27″ ATB 27″X36″ ATB 36″X42″
Tumbler (Basket) Size (mm) 500
Size of Wheel (Diameter x Width) 1212 x 212 1512 x 212 1912 x 212
No. of Blast Wheels 1 1 1
Work Load Capacity 2
Power of blast Wheel 7.5 HP 15 HP 20 HP
Type of Dust Collector (As per demand) Plain Fabric Bag/
Pleated Bag
Plain Fabric Bag/
Pleated Bag
Plain Fabric Bag/
Pleated Bag
Total Power Consumption 12.5 HP 24 HP 31.5 HP
Height of the Machine 4000mm 5200mm 6000mm
Requirement of Pit No No No