Applications of Shot Blasting

As we find Shot Blasting a very efficient and effective technique for cleaning and furnishing surfaces its application therefore is found in areas such as the Aerospace Industry, Automotive Industry, Steel Fabrication, Aluminium Industry, Rail Shipyard, Profile and Belt De-Scaling, Construction Industry, Foundry and Forge Industry, Medical Fields, General Manufacturing, Military, Strip and Tube De-Scaling etc.


Automotive Maintenance And Manufacture
  • Cleaning after HT-shafts, gear springs, axles, tie rods, carburetor parts.
  • Peening of transmission and linkage parts.
  • Deburring of castings.
  • Trim finishing.
  • Peening of hydraulic parts.
  • Peening of wheels.
  • Finishing of castings for decorations or glare free surfaces or general cleaning.
  • Powder metal parts-cleaning and finishing.
  • Die cleaning.
  • General Maintenance.
  • Cleaning of transmission parts and linkages.
Auto Parts Rebuilding
  • Cleaning of carburetor, fuel pumps, water pumps, compressors.
  • Cleaning of pistons, tie rods.
  • Cleaning of electrical parts.
Ship Building And Repairs
  • Cleaning of valves and instruments.
  • Cleaning of electrical and electronic assemblies.
  • Cleaning of outerwear.
  • Cleaning and peening turbine blades and values.
  • Sandblasting to remove scale and corrosion from deck and superstructure.
Medical And Optical Equipments
  • Cleaning of molds.
  • Finishing of surfaces which will be normally sterilized.
  • Glare free finishing of surgical and hospital instruments.
  • Deburring of hypodermic needs.
Aircraft Maintenance And Manufacture
  • Peening of landing gear parts and secondary peening.
  • Peening of hydraulic shafts and linkages.
  • Peening of electrical parts and connections.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of all external surfaces.
  • Peening of welds and joints.
  • Peening of jet engine components : blades, valves, spindles, shafts, intakes.
  • Peening to form airfoils.
  • General secondary peening-air frame surfaces.
  • All electrical, hydraulic, electronic and instrument parts for corrosion removal.
  • Maintenance peening-jet engine components for renewal.
  • Peening wing stringers and structural parts.
  • Peening door seals and frames.
  • Spot cleaning of aluminum corrosion on exterior surfaces.
  • Peening instrument shafts and parts.
  • Peening electronic connectors.
  • Cleaning after heat treatment-all types of HT aluminum and steel.
  • Cleaning for preparation for coating on electrical or other surfaces.
Electric Utility Maintenance
  • Cleaning of turbine rotors.
  • Cleaning of connectors, valves, instruments and sensors.
  • Maintenance cleaning of pumps, drills, pipes and instruments.
Agricultural/Construction Equipment Maintenance
  • Cleaning after heat treatment-gears, linkages, hydraulic parts, shafts, springs, track.
  • Weld Peening.
  • Peening of springs, transmission parts, linkages track pins.
  • Clean up in equipment.
Electric Motor Maintenance
  • Cleaning of rotors and connectors after use.
  • Cleaning of housings prior to casting.
  • Cleaning of brushes.
  • Maintenance cleaning or controls.
  • Peening of shafts, rotors, connectors (re stress corrosion).
Food And Dairy Industry
  • Maintenance cleaning of vats, tubes, trays, molds, utensils, nozzles, instruments.
Glass Manufacture
  • Cleaning of molds and dies.
  • Frosting.
  • Monogramming and etching.
  • Applying satin and other finishes.
  • Cleaning and restoring.
Oil And Petroleum Industry
  • Maintenance of compressors, valves and pumps.
Tire And Rubber Industry
  • Cleaning of molds and dies for the manufacture of new and recapped tires.
  • Cleaning of molds and dies for other rubber products and those of plastic.
Other Applications
  • Clean embossing dies : rubber or plastic molds, steel stamps, engravings.
  • Hone cutting tool edges : high speed or tungsten carbide.
  • Blend in discoloration : On brazing dissimilar metals together.
  • Blend in grinder flaws : precision parts, drills, reamers, broaches taps.
  • Roughen metal : Prepare and improve surface for bonding or rubber, teflon, enamel, etc.
  • Stress relieving : peening.
  • Investment castings : Blast ceramic or stone from cavities.
  • Armatures : clean varnish from slots.
  • Extrusion dies : Restore corrupted die in minimum time.
  • Cleaning of scale and grime from water meters.
  • Cleaning of electrical parts.