Hanger type

To Blast Clean Automatically Wide Variety Fo Work Pieces
Hanger Type Airless Shot Blasting Machine

Process Control & Systems has a range of Airless Shot Blasting Machine Hanger Types with a number of Blast Wheels varying according to the job site for the wide variety of workpieces for large

production output in terms of surface treatment. The overhead conveyor carries the job in & out of the blast cabinet, where the number of blast wheels is located depending upon the type of job for attaining a homogeneous finish.

Major parts of the machine include a blast wheel for giving high production output, the head conveyor for job conveying & media recovery, consists of bucket elevator, a screw conveyor, a rotary screen separator etc. & dust collector.

Brief Working :

The job (s) is hung on the hangers mounted on an overhead conveyor or provided inside the cabinet. Blast wheel stations are located strategically on the Cabinet fire abrasives on the components. The components get shot blasted and finished homogeneously all around.

Technical Specification Sheet Of Airless Shot Blasting Machine-Hanger Type

Model Name Blast Wheel Shot Flow Rate
Load Carrying Capacity
of Hanger (kg.)
Wheel Size
& Motor (HP)
Total Power
Required (HP)
ASH-1 2 3000 300 1212 x 5 14.5
ASH-2 2 3000 300 1212 x 5 14.5
ASH-3 2 5000 300 1212 x 7.5 23
ASH-4 2 3000 300 1212 x 5 14.5
ASH-5 2 5000 300 1212 x 7.5 23
ASH-6 2 3000 300 1212 x 5 14.5
ASH-7 2 5000 300 1212 x 7.5 23.5
ASH-8 2 3000 300 1212 x 7.5 23.5