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Swing Table Type

Applications :

  • Aesthetic Finishing of Die Castings of Aluminum, Zinc & Alloy Steels.
  • Desanding & Descalling of Castings & Forgings.
  • Shot Peening of heavily stressed components.
  • Preparation of Surface for protective coating.
  • Cleaning of Castings & Forgings.
  • Removal of heat treated scales.

Special Features :

The general purpose versatile swing table type machine is applicable for wide ranged larger sized medium or heavy weight castings, forgings, heat treated work, welded & bolted structures etc.

The different types of parts like transmissions housings, engine blocks and heads, wheels and crank shafts can be blast cleaned. The machines are ideally suited for forgings, castings, and miscellaneous fabricated items for batch production with a mix of large & small items.

PCS manufactures wide range of door mounted 30" to 96" diameters swing tables type shot blasting machines having light weight capacity of 350 kilograms To heavy weight capacity of 4500 kilograms, weight components, which are the conventional, most economical low powered and commonly used machines by a small, medium and large scale foundries, heavy machineries as well as various types of industries.

To suit the requirement, the different models are avialable with various accessories like second door for additional productivity, either manganese or rubber linings on tables, doors and cabinet walls and either gravity type for low dust load or rotary screen type for screening of high sand & rust content dust generated along with fabric and pleated type bags dust collectors, which are operated by either mechanical shaker type or compressed air reverse pulse operated bags cleaning.

Technical Specification For Swing Table Type Shot Blasting Machines :

Particulars AST-750 AST-900 AST-1200 AST-1800 AST-2440
Size of Blast Wheel 12.5" X 2.5" 12.5" X 2.5" 19.5" X 2.5" 19.5" X 2.5" 19.5" X 2.5"
No. of Blast Wheel One One One One Two
No. of Swing Table (as per demand) One / Two One / Two One / Two One / Two One / Two
Diameter of Swing Table 750mm (30") 900mm (36") 1200mm (48") 1800mm (72") 2440mm (96")
Maximum Load on Table 350 Kg. 400 Kg. 750 Kg. 2500 Kg. 4500 Kg.
Loading Height (mm) 1125 1000 950 950 1200
Maximum Job Height (mm) 300 500 600 1000 1060
Type of Dust Collector (as per demand) Plain Fabric Bag/
Pleated Bag
Plain Fabric Bag/
Pleated Bag
Plain Fabric Bag/
Pleated Bag
Plain Fabric Bag/
Pleated Bag
Plain Fabric Bag/
Pleated Bag
Total Required Power (H.P.) 12 16 23 36 56
Height of the Machine 4100mm 4100mm 4300mm 5500mm 5750mm
Requirement of Pit No No No No No