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New Blast Wheels

New Blast Wheel with direct or indirect drive system is provided. Wheel assembly constitutes various liners manufactured out of the best alloy steel for optimum life. The per horse power abrasive throwing capacity is optimal & maintenance assembly is operators friendly.

It entails Control Cage having optimized opening for giving per HP more abrasive throw capacity and longer blasting pattern with wider hot shot. The Control Cage, Impeller and Blade Set is Shell Casting / Investment Casting with Hi Moly Hi Chrome Alloy Steel Composition and is subjected to specialized heat treatment process for better and uniform higher hardness 65-68 HRC.

All Side Liners are made of Hi Mn Steel and properly heat treated. A special resetting Guide Dial is provided for repeated correct setting of Control Cage.

The Blades are self locking type and can be easily removed/replaced. All the parts of Wheel Assembly are easy to replaced and Users/Maintenance friendly.