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Cleaning Equipments :
Cleaning Machines
Single Disc Scrubber/Polisher
Gear driven single disc machine is useful for hard scrubing and floor maintenance jobs, including restoration and crystallization on marble floors.
Brush speed
Rated power t
Scrubbing Weight
Tank capacity


160 rpm
45 Kgs.
1500 watt
430 mm
Planetary gear
10 Ltrs
- PPL brush
- Union mix brush
- Pad driver with pad
- Carpet shampoo brush
- Steel brush
- Polypropylene steel brush
- Sand paper pad driver
- Carborundum Disc
- Stone restoration grits
- polish & sealants
Injection Extraction Machines

Injection Extraction Machine specially useful for car upholstry, carpets & furnishing etc.

Princle of Injection/Extraction

Machine Code Motor (No.) Power (W) Air flow (m3./h) Collection tank (Ltrs.) Detergent tank (Ltrs.)
ESTRO WPV 110 1 1250 170 18 8
ESTRO WPV 125 1 1400 215 36 8
ESTRO WIV 250 2 2600 430 76 20

Vacuum Motor 230V; Spray pump 48(W), 0.8 LPM at 2 Bar

Wet & Dry vacuum Cleaners
Wet & Dry Vacuuming machines for liquid & dust with useful accessories in shock proof materials. Superior powerful motors with bypass cooling.
Machine Code Motor (No.) Power (W) Suction (mm H2O) Air flow (m3/h) Tank Capacity (Ltrs.)
EAST WP 110 (single stage motor) 1 1250 1530 258 18
ARES WI 110 1 1250 2250 170 22
ARES WI PLUS 125 1 1400 2400 215 36
EXEL M WI 250 2 2600 2400 430 76
VERSO WI 375 3 3600 2400 645 77
ELECT WIN 250 EA 2 2600 2400 430 76
*ARES FLY DP 100 1 150 1350 220 18

*110V, 400Hz for Aircarft application

Compact Ride-on Scrubber Drier: C 4

Inventa has launched world's most Compact Ride-on scrubber drier 'C 4' which can even pass thru narrow passages like lifts metal detectors, etc. With working capacity of 4000M2/hr it is the most productive Equipment for all large facilities specially for multilevel complex, shopping malls, industries etc.

Ride on scrubber drivers with working capacity upto/8000 sqm./hr.

Auto Scrubber Driers

Compacts machines with combined features of medium duty scrubber with vacuum suction drying. These machines have large clean water & dirty water tanks for effective cleaning without any interruption.


Manual Sweeping Machine

A cleaning machine without any motor. The operator's hand-push gives motion to the wheels which drive the main and side brush. This is a very simple and practical sweeper especially suitable for cleaning small areas and narrow passages. Exclusive design with filtration for exhaust air.

Cleaning capacity : 150 m2/hr
Cleaning width : 700 mm
Hopper capacity : 35 ltrs.
Weight : 25 Kgs.

High Pressure Water Jet Cleaners
INVENTA has been in the field of High Pressure water jet cleaners for last more than 20 years. Due to our association with world leader in the field of high pressure pumps, we have the capability of offering machines for heavy duty cleaning & maintenance requirements suitable for many industries. Special accessories are offered to achieve impossible tasks.
Parameters   11/110 13/120 13/170 15/200
Water flow Lpm 11 13 13 15
Operating Pressure Bar 110 120 170 200
Turbo Pressure (with Tornado Nozzle) Bar 180 190 285 330
Motor KW/V 2.2/220/415 3/415 4/415 5.5/415
High Pressure Balsters

High pressure Jet maching up to 2500 Bar

High Pressure Balsters

Parameters 30/200 25/400 30/500 72/700
Water flow (lmp) 30 25 30 72
Operating Pressure (Bar) 200 400 500 700
Eelctical Rating (415V) KW 11 18.5 30 710
Hot-Cold Water/Steam Jet Cleaning Machine

Even with general purpose cleaning & particularly with certain types of contaminants as heavy grease, wax or fats all of which are virtually unaffected by cold water, hot water is quicker, more efficient & consequently more cost effective. Cleaning time can be halves and the end result is usually of superior quality. Available with fuel & detergent tank.

11-30 LPM;    Up-to 200 BAR;    400-1500 C

Engine operated water jet cleaner
Technical & commercial details on other models are available on request.


  • Compact in size, light & mobile
  • Maintenance free operation.
  • Ceramic plungers result in negligible wear & tear.
  • Chemicals dosing required concentration of detergents, cleaning agents and other chemicals can be dosed into rnning water by the turn of a knob in the lance itself.
  • Non chemical scale preventor for trouble free steam generator operation.
  • Time delay circuit to provide suitable delay in fuel injection.
  • Safety features like pressure switch, low water cut-off, by-pass valves & temperature controller for automatic cut off.
  • Low operating costs Due to optimum design parameters and close coupled unit motors these machine these machines are smooth running having low operating costs of power, water and cleaning agents.
  • Thermal Cut off for motor protection against overheating.
  • High performance motors with "class F" insulation (T 1050C)
  • Areal of Applications

  • Food & Beverages/Dairy/Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Engineering/Automobile Industry
  • Automobile Garages
  • Aeroplane Workshop
  • Railway Workshops
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Uses

    These machines are very versatile and can have varied innovative unlimited uses left to the imagination of the user.
  • Degreasing of engines and transmissions before and after overhauling without use of solvents.
  • General cleaning of floors/machine's exteriors and interiors.
  • Sand Blasting for surface cleaning.
  • Dechoking/declogging of pipe and drains.
  • Cleaning/sterlization of tanks/vessels.
  • Standard Accessories

  • Gun with lance and nozzle
  • High pressure delivery hose
  • Optional Accessories

  • Tornado nozzle
  • Zero jet
  • Drain pipe cleaner
  • Wet sand blasting
  • Floor cleaning attachment & others on specific requirements.
  • Pac Vac SuperPro - Back-Pack Vacuum Cleaner
    The Productivity Machine! Vacuim over 700sq. m/h easier, stronger & longer
    Super Pro
    Specification :
    Rated Power : 1000 watts
    Voltate : 240 volts, 50/60 Hz
    Motor Type : Flowthrough
    Max Vacuum : 2590mm
    Air Flow : 57 I/sec
    Filtration : 3 stage, 99.06% efficiency @ 0.3 mocron
    Tank Capacity : 5 litres
    Weight : 4.8 kgs

    Aircraft Pro
    Voltate : 110 volts. 440 Hz

    Environ Pro
    Filtration : 3 stage HEPA, 99.9995% efficiency @ 0.3 micron

    Safety pro
    Suitable where accidental spillage of liquid is likely to occur.

    Super Protection!

    'Super Pro' is easier and safer to use!
    Cyclonic airflow from teh new offset inlet, Clear dome lid increases airflow to make vacuuming easier.
    PLUS a new extended 'body - moulded' frame for increased comfort and anatomically correct posture - a critical OH & S factor.
    PLUS a thicker, padded, fully adjustable harness (designed in consultation with two of Australis's leading Ergonomists specialising in our industry) to fit both small and large body types.
    PLUS a fully telescopic chrome steel wand.
    PLUS 'superstrong' patented cord restraint. Fewer disconnections, Fewer disconnection - greater operator protection.
    PLUS a crevice tool, dusting and upholstery brush as 'standard' on the harness belt.

    Super Productivity!!

    'SuperPro' vacs stronger!
    New HyperconeTM 'Activeair' Filtration maintains airflow from the top down (not from the bottom of the bag like ordinary vacs to provide consistently higher levels even as the bag becomes full. Activeair filters last longer too...over 100 hours depending on duty cycles.

    Super Profitability!!!

    'SuperPro' will last longer and run with greater reliability!
    Seven times more Filtration area and higher continuous airflow keeps fine dust out of air and the motor...and it rns cooler too!
    The cooler the motor runs, the longer it will last-the moreoperating profit you will get out of the machine.
    PacVac's vacuum power picks up particles so small that only those under 0.3 micron escapes its three-stage filtration.

    Pro-Flo Tools

    After all, it's the airflow that does the work, so why restrict it by having an inefficient, conventional headtool 'choke' that flow by being pushed hard down onto the floor or carpet?

    Maximising airflow doesn't stop with Pac Vac's efficiency. Our Pro-Flo tools feature a unique wheeled head with larger brush vents and wider intel mouth.

    Standard Accessories

    1. Hose pipe
    2. Crevice Tools
    3. Round Brush
    4. HyperconeTM filter
    5. Combine Tool
    6. Upholstery Tool
    7. Telescopic wand
    8. Paper Bag
    9. 18 mtr. Cable

    Portable Cold Water Jet Cleaners

    Features :

  • Light weight & compact in size
  • Maintenance free ceramic plunger pump directly coupled with motor
  • Multifunctional nozzle allows zero jet/fan spray.
  • Chemical dosing, wherein required concentration of detergents, cleaning agents and other chemicals can be dosed into running water
  • Automatic unloader cum safety valve removes load from prime mover when gun is off
  • Low water consumption due to non pulsating water jet
  • Trigger operated Gun for easy operants
  • Uses

    Cleaning of
    Floors, Buildings, Vehicles, Drains, Roads, Pathways, Driveways, Toilets, Pools, Kitchens, Utensils, Vessels in Canteens/Restaurants, Hotels & Bakeries.

    In Horticulture
    Cleaning of Plant & Trees, Fountain & Garden Furniture

    In farm
    Cleaning of Bird Cages & Equipments, Disinfecting/Cleaning animals & areas in a dairy, Piggery & Stable

    In Industries for Cleaning
    Rector vessels/heat exchanger/boiler tubes/pipes Sewer/drains Billets/blooms and sheets during rolling
    Floors/machine's exteriors and injectors
    Sand Blasting of surfaces to scrap old deposits before repainting

    In Construction/Mining
    Heavy vehicles/heavy earthmoving/material handling equipment (crushers and conveyors)
    Sand Blasting of surface to scrap old deposits before repainting
    Additional Accessories available on request

    Roating brush - gives soft wash to painted or polished surfaces
    Floor Cleaner - allows dust free cleaning of floors without splashing of water
    Nozzle & Lances for pipes / tubes - facilitates cleaning or de-chocking of heat exchanger tubes & overhead/underground pipes.

    Accessories :

  • Tornado (Roto) nozzle
  • Drain cleaning kit
  • Sandblasting kit
  • Rotating brush
  • Floor cleaner
  • Slurry ejector (for tank cleaning applications)
  • Nozzle & Lance for pipes / tubes & many more